• INDUSTRY: Portfolio
  • ROLE: UX/UI Designer
  • YEAR: 2021


Camille Moore is a writer and editor who wanted to refresh her portfolio site. We analyzed the content and worked quickly to get a clean, functional and more professional looking website live.

Before & After

Design Direction

One of the main words Camille used to describe what she wanted for her portfolio was “clean”. Focusing on a color palette that communicated that sentiment was key to guiding the feel of the portfolio website.

Layout Solution

Camille has had many articles published, so creating areas for content to live in was done in a very intentional way so as not to make the content feel overwhelming. I designed an area for highlighted articles to be showcased with images that lives close to the top of the page. This area is followed by a more simplified list of other published works that can be used to include older articles.


Camille needed a quick brand identity that communicated professionalism and stayed true to the clean approach we were aiming towards with the overall design of the website.