• INDUSTRY: Concept
  • ROLE: UI/UX & graphic design
  • YEAR: 2017


Delivery Pigeon is a delivery app for and by students. It allows students on campus to place an order on their smartphone and have the item delivered to them by another student on campus. The item can range from a pack of pencils to a backpack. Goal-directed design was implemented during the creation of the user interface for this app.

Creating a brand

Brainstorming the name for this app was both interesting and challenging. I started thinking about aspects of the college experience and everything that surrounds it.


I relied on the concept of a mascot as a way to guide my design choices. I went through different animals and eventually landed on the idea of carrier pigeons and began sketching.

Mood Boarding

I gathered color inspiration as well as logos that I found interesting. These helped me push the concept and color palettes further.

Brand Guidelines

I focused on developing a color palette that was both young and fresh but allowed the app to come across as reliable. I incorporated these colors into the iOS app icon as well as in the logo itself. 


The idea behind the UI/UX of this app was to make it young and user friendly. Having the user feel comfortable and familiar with the flow of the app and the interaction design was key. The sequence it follows is very similar to many online shops which allows the user to easily use the app and have a great experience.