• INDUSTRY: Packaging products & machinery
  • ROLE: Production Artist & Graphic Designer
  • YEAR: 2017-2021


ProMach is a global packaging machinery company that houses 27 product brands. They handle anything from packaging of produce and pharmaceuticals to labeling, filling, sealing and marking such products. Phase 3 rebranded the company as well as the 27 product brands and created a robust visual system and brand identity.

Collateral transition & print production

I became one of the lead designers of this account during my time at Phase 3, as a Junior Designer. I contributed to the collateral transition and designed multiple other materials such as web ads, name tags, signs as well as trade show graphics. I supported the account by handling a lot of the production side of things, setting up vinyl walls for different facilities across the country, using data merges to handle large quantities of name plates, cubicle signs, business cards, trade show badges, etc.

I worked with a small team to produce over 300 items of collateral for this brand.

sell sheet: front
sell sheet: back

web ads

Phase 3 designed a robust visual system for ProMach that allowed for us to create a diverse range of visual components for their marketing needs. The collateral suite included not only print, but also web assets.

tradeshow graphics

While at Phase 3, I had the opportunity to design the graphics for one of the trade shows Federal, Pacific, P.E. Labellers, and Zalkin participated in. These are four of the product brands under the ProMach umbrella.