• INDUSTRY: Packaging
  • ROLE: Graphic Designer
  • YEAR: 2017


Marimekko is a modernist Finish company famous for their textile designs and home furnishings. Maija Isola was one of their most successful designers. Isola’s influence is such that the brand’s identity is intimately allied with her work. I created a set of patterns inspired by her work and her core aesthetic principles of scale, fluidity, and organic motifs.

Pattern design

song inspiration

“Turning Tables” – Adele
“Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” – Paul Simon

Maija Isola

This series revolved around Maija Isola’s and Marimekko’s style, but also around a technique used by Isola: listening to a specific song, drawing inspiration from it, and incorporating into the pattern.

Pattern design