Client Overview

Evident is a tech start-up headquartered in Atlanta, GA that specializes on insurance, identity and business verification. They offer software solutions for businesses and focus on compliance and risk management. Some of their clients include: AirBnB, Wag, Marsh and Porch.


Software as a Service (SaaS)


Graphic Designer

Environmental Graphics

As Evident prepared to move into a new, larger space it became a necessity to put together environmental graphics that could help the team navigate the space in a meaningful way. It was important that the spaces were memorable enough that employees could easily recall what side of the building their meeting was on. The concept of the space was centered around strength of authentication practices and historical verification practices.

In total, I designed 8 of the 15 accent walls located in a variety of conference and huddle rooms as well as the break room wall which featured the company’s core values. I worked on this project alongside the UX/UI designer. The project required regular check-ins with leadership, including the CEO as well as working alongside the interior designer.

Website Updates

The Problem

Evident needed to make some updates to their website in order to differentiate their services and solutions. After doing a design audit, it became clear that the hero images were too repetitive and monotone (blue overlay image). 

The Solution

The solution to the problem was to make the Service hero images be a solid color. The hero image area features the rest of the services on a secondary nav so that the user can toggle through and explore the rest of the services.

Crafting a Visual System

During my time at Evident, there was a clear need to create a strong visual system for collateral pieces, one that would aid in brand recognition and help the sales team better communicate about the product. Working closely with the marketing and sales team, I created a series of templates for data sheets, partnership documents, eBooks, and white papers.

Data Sheets

Form and function were both extremely important when designing these data sheets. The tabs on the left side were placed to help both the user and sales team know which solution the data sheet was addressing. The color bar at the bottom was used to differentiate the collateral when printed.


Visual interest was key to designing the whitepaper templates for Evident. It was important to emphasize having these pieces be exciting and different from each other, while also staying true to the visual system.


To differentiate the eBook from other printed pieces, I opted for a square dimension. Using some of the accent colors as well as bold sizes allowed me to craft ebooks that were dynamic while still staying true to the brand.


I also developed PowerPoint templates working alongside the sales team to support their needs and communicate information in a clear and enticing way. 

Other Fun Things

5K Team Shirt

Evident participated in the 2019 Walk, Wag, N’ Run to benefit Ahimsa House, a nonprofit organization dedicated to help victims – both people and their pets – of domestic violence. It was important that the shirts communicated what Evident did as a company and that they were versatile enough so the team could wear them at different athletic events. I worked alongside the sales and marketing team on this project.


I designed a handful of infographics during my time at Evident. While staying true to the branding, it was important for me to make these infographics look attractive and interesting. 


I designed this illustration for Evident’s social media as well as a supporting graphic for a post on their website to illustrate how machine learning and artificial intelligence played an integral in the services they provided.